ZAYN MALIK APPRECIATION WEEK: favorite relationship 

Zayn… Zayn’s actually a very thoughtful person, you guys don’t really know the true zayn, i think, you know, you’ve got a lot to learn about Zayn - Liam Payne. 

Even smart people can do stupid things.
You know, ‘cause they think that it’s the right thing.

derek + chest hair


Celebrities tweet condolences on the passing of Robert Williams

"Sometimes when I think of how emotionally constipated you are, I bring myself to tears."
— Laura Hale summing up all my feelings about Derek in Permanent Fixture.  I am dyinggg. (via honeycombhead)


Favorite TW Fics » Stiles/Derek Edition 

                Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories (+ The Rory to My Amy Series)

"I entered the fourth grade and I saw Scott and he was the new kid and I knew it was my chance. This was my chance to actually have somebody. Lydia was still beautiful for the first two days of school and then I went over to Scott’s on the second day of school and I met you.

You were this almost 16 year-old and my only friend’s older brother and you made the worst hamburger macaroni in the world. And if you had asked me who Lydia Martin was the moment I saw you I would have had no fucking clue. Because that’s how hard I fell, Derek. That’s how fast I loved you.”


when u say ur band has no secrets but yo dumbass bandmate shouts “i have a secret”


2.10 “Fury” / 4.04 “The Benefactor”